FOT. ANNA MARIA BINIECKAAnnutara is the force of nature, the music of the world and the universe. It is a result of the meeting of musicians full of passion which resulted in a gallery of traditional sounds and variation of magical tunes. The band explores the roots of balkan, gypsy, ukrainian and polish culture but one can also find jewish, arabic and shaman’s influences. You will not be disappointed by the absence of voices shady, voices tawny or voices’o’plenty. Dreamy stories, imaginary languages ­all of this comes to life to praise the living, dance and freedom!

We do not have to travel far back in time to reach the beginning of this Tri­City ensemble. It was formed when the band’s founders met at Gdansk Academy of Music (Kamila Bigus and Michał Zeltman) and Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” (Alina Jurczyszyn). The base for our music is made of mix of traditional songs, imported from all around world,sung in polyphony of voices from different villages and countries. At the beginning, the band was called “Laboratorium Pieśni” (“Laboratory of Sound”) and it performed conventional songs played in ‘a capella’ style.

With the time, after some members connected with the Jazz Department of Gdansk Academy of
Music joined the group (percussion, double­bass and trumpet) the band has evolved into
ethno/world music. Rhythm, energy, improvisation, freedom are the factors which are distinctive
for our work and our sounds.

Annutara is looking for an inspiration when composing own songs and lyrics, mainly in specific,
unusual balkan, gypsy and ukrainian music.

The current line­up of the band exists since 2013. The first album “Ulisi” was released in  May 2015.



Alina Jurczyszyn – vocal, shaman drums, ethnic percussion instruments
Kamila Bigus – vocal, violin, shaman drums, ethnic percussion instruments
Michał Zeltman – guitar, vocal, violin
Michał Mantaj – accordion
Tomasz Koper  – drums, percussion instruments
Tomek Nowik – double­bass
Dawid Lipka – trumpet


Maciej Sadowski – double­bass
Piotr Grudziel – percussion instruments